hyperspec-lookup 0.9.0

hyperspec-lookup is an ANSI Common Lisp library that gives the user an interface to mapping symbols to URLs for the Common Lisp Hyperspec and Common Lisp Object System (CLOS) MetaObject Protocol. The library should work for any ANSI Common Lisp implementation for which ASDF is available.

The code is released under an MIT-style license.



If you have asdf-install, just:

$ asdf-install hyperspec-lookup

hyperspec-lookup can manually be downloaded from here: hyperspec-lookup_latest.tar.gz .

There is also anonymous CVS and ViewCVS .


Questions, feature requests, and bug-reports are welcome on hyperspec-lookup-devel@common-lisp.net.

Project members

Sample usage

  * (require :hyperspec-lookup)

  * (hs:lookup "defun")

;; Note how sometimes symbols in the Hyperspec and MOP overlap (in
;; those cases the library will always return the Hyperspec URL):

  * (hs:hyperspec-lookup "add-method")

  * (hs:mop-lookup "add-method")

;; If you need to specify alternate locations for the files with the
;; mappings in them (you'll need to do this for the Mop_Sym.txt most
;; certainly - although note that it is distributed with this
;; library), you can do this via:

  * (setq hs:*hyperspec-map-file* "/path/to/Map_Sym.txt")

;; and:

  * (setq hs:*mop-map-file* "/path/to/Mop_Sym.txt")